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No Double Dipping!

Just Waxing Salon is here to remove any and all of that unwanted body hair. Looking your best not only makes you feel good, but makes others feel good about you. Men and women, both, need an occasional waxing. Pamper yourself and have it done in a soothing environment by professionals that care.


Enjoy the quaint atmosphere of our Chicago located salon. While the busy city buzzes outside, in here time moves at a whole different pace. You'll find it relaxing and affirming of your decision to pamper yourself.

That relaxing feeling flows over into our service area, where your hair removal is performed in a timely and yet extremely thorough manner. Your needs will be met from beginning to end, making sure that your waxing service is as comfortable and therapeutic as possible.


When it’s over you’ll be left with a refreshing feeling of looking better and being ready to face that busy world again. And you’ll have the peace of mind that your hair will be gone for longer than if you had just shaved it away, and with repeated waxes that hair will be less and less visible.

Whether it’s your face, lip, brows, back, chest & stomach, legs, bikini or Brazilian for a man or a woman we will be able to clear away your undesirable body hair no matter how thick, or unusual. Effectively getting rid of that old you and showing off your beautiful skin and style. Don’t go another minute. Make an appointment today by calling us or by sending an e-mail.

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