• Cessalee S.
    Indianoplis, IN

    Just what i needed! Alma was quick, sweet and totally knew her stuff! I asked about hard vs. soft wax and she easily explained that she could use both but was thoughtful about hair type, skin type, and wax location! The woman in the next room was also so delightful with her customer, I'm sure she would be great too!

  • Sabrina C.
    Uptown, Chicago, IL

    I tend to let my friends talk me into things that are completely nuts, leave me not remembering what happened, or having battle scars. Fortunately, this experience was not really any of the above. Ha!

    I was recommended to Just Waxing from one of my bffs, Kat, that goes on the regular. I, for one, could never understand who would let people just RIP hairs out of their body parts, with the exception of eyebrows, but my friend always raved about how much she loved it and how great the place was. I said eff it, I'M IN! FULL BRAZILIAN!

    The place is very clean and professional! Reception is friendly and wine is offered for free to help you calm your nerves. Just my luck, they would be out of wine. *sigh* My friend always gets waxed by by a lovely woman named "Mikasa." She was the best. She helped keep me calm and conversed with me to distract when she was about to rip my soul out. She never made me feel uncomfortable and always checked to be sure I was okay. The whole process took about an hour and though it had painful parts, the results were amazing. I felt like a little boy after that couldn't keep his hands out of his pants!!!!

    I would highly recommend Just Waxing and have definitely become a repeat customer. Be sure to check out the specials that they always have running!

  • Maren R.
    Chicago, IL

    I found Just Waxing on Yelp, and tried it out because of all the positive reviews. I have thick Eastern European deep rooted
    hair. I usually take advantage of their $35 Brazilians on Mondays, and will get other services as well. Over the year + I've been going to Just Waxing I've had Mikasa, Michelle, Graciela, and Elvira. I've had brow, underarm, full let, Brazilian, and chin waxing. I can walk in and feel confident that no matter who my esthetician is that everyone in Just Waxing (front desk included) will be welcoming, friendly, and very professional.
    Great value for great service!
    BRING CASH FOR TIPPING YOUR ESTHETICIAN (they do not accept credit card tips)

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